Editing and Beta Reading


Looking for a fiction editor with the knowledge and insight of a published author?

I’m a copyeditor with over a decade of experience in the self-publishing sphere, including ebook development, production, formatting, and marketing. I hold a professional certification in editing from UC Berkeley; I’ve also published two fantasy novels and a number of short stories and other content on my author blog. Better than anyone, I understand the passion that goes into every manuscript, and I understand how important it is to maintain an author’s voice and stylistic flair during the editing process. I’ve been on both sides!

If you’re looking for a copyeditor for your self-published work, one with unique insight into the writer’s side of the process (and a querying style reflective of that knowledge), I’d love to work with you.

Beta Reading

In need of feedback before the editing process?

I offer professional beta reading services, where I provide constructive and actionable feedback on all elements of a manuscript, including plot, characterization, dialogue, exposition, theme, and worldbuilding. (My area of expertise is fantasy, particularly epic fantasy and romantic fantasy.) And if you’re on a budget, never fear: I know what the margins are like for self-published authors, and my rates won’t ruin your life.

Let my experience developing, writing, and marketing fantasy stories work for you!