Climates of Cerulis

Information summarized on 58th Autumn 5938 EC from Our Continent: Climates, Geography, Ecology by Nourane Wasem, held in the Scholar’s Library at the Emperor’s University in Arramas, Iotorath. Snowlands High altitude, mountainous, snowy, cold. Only marginally affected by seasons (even summer has snow flurries). The capital, Fahethyr, is more temperateContinue reading “Climates of Cerulis”

Spring 2022 Updates

I’m currently working on a new book! I have other news too, but that’s the big thing. Writing Updates The new project will be a fantasy romance—and one with truer beats of the genre, like the protagonists meeting in the first chapter and relationship development that’s undeniably central to theContinue reading “Spring 2022 Updates”

It Took Six Episodes, but I’m Officially Invested in Wheel of Time

And I’ll tell you for why! (Full disclosure: I have not read the books. To be honest, though, I’m kind of happy I haven’t. There was enough to be uncertain about without all that clogging up the pipes.) Certainly, this show isn’t perfect; it suffers from the usual first-season-stumbling-like-a-baby-deer syndrome,Continue reading “It Took Six Episodes, but I’m Officially Invested in Wheel of Time”

The Witcher: Cahir in the Books Versus the Netflix Show

I technically have other complaints to lodge against The Witcher on Netflix, although some of them are matters of personal preference as opposed to real critical analysis, and those things don’t feel that important to write about. But there was one thing I couldn’t let go.  My favorite character, Cahir,Continue reading “The Witcher: Cahir in the Books Versus the Netflix Show”