Spring 2022 Updates

I’m currently working on a new book! I have other news too, but that’s the big thing.

Writing Updates

The new project will be a fantasy romance—and one with truer beats of the genre, like the protagonists meeting in the first chapter and relationship development that’s undeniably central to the plot. Both Legacy of Flame and Blood of Ice straddled an odd middle ground, as they were much stronger in their epic fantasy elements and ended up grating against the definition of romance-the-genre. (I highly recommend the sojourn here: it’s an interesting topic. Romance readers know what they’re about.)

The new book will be set in Stormborne Isle, at the southern tip of Cerulis, where thunderstorms rage without ceasing. (The reason? There’s a flash fiction about that!) The story will follow two main characters: Sivren Valach, a recently disinherited fashion merchant’s daughter, and Arion Setir, a former caravan guard assigned to be Sivren’s bodyguard for reasons.

I’m very excited about the themes of the story and the chance to explore some of the realms of Southern Cerulis. The entire South is ruled by a theocracy, among other major deviations from the North, and it’s been so much fun doing the worldbuilding.

Website Updates

I messed around a lot with my system after Legacy of Flame‘s release, because change is the human condition and I had to learn a bunch of things. Regardless, the blog is now your one-stop shop for new release notifications, periodic posts about what I’m up to, reviews/recommendations for fantasy content, and whatever other stuff I can think of, like worldbuilding write-ups. Subscribe here! (WordPress provides tons of great options for customizing your notifications.)

Also, at the bottom of the website’s homepage, there are now links to my Goodreads and Amazon Author profiles, for those interested in following and receiving notifications that way.

Book Recommendations

I’ve read some really good stuff recently!

  • As I Was On My Way to Strawberry Fair by Raymond St. Elmo. If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading St. Elmo yet, please don’t delay any longer. His prose is delightful, and his stories will leave you smiling.
  • The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden. This isn’t the best vibe book for spring, I suppose, but if you’re like me, and you miss living in a wintry place, the prose will feel like an old friend. I’m also growing increasingly entranced by fairy tale fantasy.
  • Some of the Best From Tor.com, 2021 Edition. A strong, diverse collection of short stories: I can only think of one I didn’t quite like. The ones I did like were absolute bangers.
  • The Vine Witch by Luanne G. Smith. This was a quick read filled with cool worldbuilding, mystery, and evocative prose. Her food descriptions? Literally mouthwatering.

Cat Updates

Shiva and Jenson are back! And they’re just fine, thanks. We had to hire a behaviorist to deal with them, but their stupid faces are adorable.

That’s it for now! See you soon.

(Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog or follow me on Goodreads for more updates, and posts about fantasy content.)

2 thoughts on “Spring 2022 Updates

  1. I am SO looking forward to being swept away to Stormborne! I plan on being thrown clear of my boat. Well, that and getting an update on those furries of yours 🙂 Thanks for keeping your fans in the loop.


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