Artifice and Ascension Series

legacy of flame novel rebecca bapaye author

A queen and an exiled sorcerer must unravel the truth behind fire priests, a mysterious order of magic with unlimited power. Can Elia and Syllian undo the mistakes wrought by two thousand years of lies and propaganda?

blood of ice novella rebecca bapaye author

A throne stolen with blood, by blood. A kingdom on the brink of civil war. Aria Kolenikova has the power to save the Ice Realm, but she’s been as good as dead for ten years—until she meets a mage named Casimir.

cerulis: short story collection rebecca bapaye author

Magic and politics. Merchants and queens. Wrathful gods and immortal sorcerers. The world of Eineria and the continent of Cerulis are richly expanded upon in this collection of slice-of-life short stories and flash fiction occurring before, during, and after the events of Blood of Ice and Legacy of Flame.

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