Legacy of Flame

legacy of flame rebecca bapaye cover

A winter queen and prince of flame, bound together by fate.

Following a deadly attack on a druid grove, Queen Elia Kolenikova of the Ice Realm is the first and only monarch to take a stand against the fire priest order, a reclusive band of sorcerers with unlimited power. Determined to find a way to protect druids from further violence, Elia turns to the annals of history, tracing her knowledge of fire priests back to a time when a previous Ice Queen was intimately tied to the rise of the order. There’s just one problem: what Elia reads in those accounts may not be true.

To unravel the mystery, Elia needs more than an ally—she needs a fire priest. An immortal Ice Realm prince who’s been missing from the history books for centuries.

Syllian, like his father before him, sacrificed his mortal body to be born again in flames. Two thousand years later, he’s hunted at every turn by fire priests seeking revenge for his betrayal of the order. The threat means little until a rumor reaches him: Queen Elia Kolenikova is asking questions. About fire priests, about druids, and most dangerously of all, about the truth.

Emerging from the shadows could cost Syllian his life. But if he doesn’t, the lies and propaganda of the fire priest order will cost Elia hers first.

Blood of Ice: A Legacy of Flame Novella

blood of ice rebecca bapaye cover

A throne stolen with blood, by blood. A kingdom on the brink of civil war. Aria Kolenikova has the power to save the Ice Realm, but she’s been as good as dead for ten yearsuntil she meets a mage named Casimir.

In year 5368 by the Ice Realm calendar, the Order of the Three Quills in Stormfall released a duology of historical novellas, Blood of Ice and The Mage King, about the extraordinary early years of Queen Aria Kolenikova of the Ice Realm. Decades passed before scholars began to suspect that the books were not the fictionalized fluff-pieces everyone assumedthey were, in fact, propaganda.

Witness the first threads of twisted history thousands of years before the events of Legacy of Flame—a mostly true account of the Ice Realm civil war, intended to set the perfect stage for its remarkably dubious sequel.


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